I am alive (contrary to popular belief!)

I apologize for being rather sporadic with my blog posting lately. I’ve been insanely frustrated with my laptop, which refuses to cooperate. It either heats to the point of burning my legs, or suddenly freezes up for no apparent reason. I also have trouble even getting it started in the morning, often having to reboot it because it freezes halfway through the first loading. I know I have to take it in, but I need help backing things up before I do, so I don’t lose any important information.

Because of this, I can’t be on the machine for very long at a time, so I’ve been off doing more stuff around the house and outside, now that we actually have some warmer weather. I’ve created more than three dozen cards & worked on my daughter’s wedding album, which is almost 4 years overdue. I’ve been visiting with friends and family. I took in a movie (Captain America 2). I am helping to plan a fundraising event for the Stroke Recovery Association of Manitoba and working with my writers group to get our latest anthology (chapbook) published. I’ll talk more about that later during a blog hop in which I will be participating, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Some of you have been inquiring as to my health, but I assure you, I am fine and I really appreciate your concern. I sincerely regret that, because of my limited time on the computer, I haven’t been able to read all of your wonderful blogs. I definitely have to get my computer fixed (or get a new one!) so I can get back into the on-line world more often. I will sign off for now, but I’ll leave you to ponder why I have this cutie pie in my possession (wink! wink!):


Sassy Sasquatch