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Hi, folks!

Just want to steer you over to Chapter By Chapter, a pair of book bloggers who have a book giveaway, including MY books. There’s only about 34 hours left for the Rafflecopter giveaway so head over here to enter! (Sorry, I just learned about it a few minutes ago)

chapter by chapter

They’ve also re-capped their adventures at the C4 Lit Fest with lots of pictures. So, please head over there! 🙂


C4 Lit Fest – Part 2

my table

About 8:30 Saturday morning, Hubby dropped me off at the Place Louis Riel with all the stuff I’d brought with me to set up in Author Alley. I’d designed a poster board to draw in the crowds. Despite some compliments, I felt it wasn’t quite as professional-looking as some of the others, but it did the job. I made full-size copies of my book covers for the side flaps and added pictures of St. Andrew’s Church, the Big House at Lower Fort Garry and the teepee that sits outside the fort walls.

I brought my laptop and, at first, had my book trailer playing for those who wanted to stop by and look at it, but it’s only a few minutes long and I didn’t know how to put it on a continuous loop so I had to press the ‘play’ button all the time. Since I had my flash drive with all the pics I’d taken of the St. Andrew’s Church and Lower Fort Garry area, I set up a slideshow which could play continually. I also had some music playing in the background; music by ‘ A Celtic Woman’ (beautiful haunting tunes), ‘The Dust Rhinos’ (a local band whose bawdy music sounds a bit Irish), ‘Simpson’s Folly’ (a group that sing songs from pioneer days), ‘Spirit Flutes’ by Tomas Walker, ‘Tribal Voices’ (various Aboriginal artists sing traditional songs), and ‘Speaking Winds’ by David R. Maracle whose song O K A Da was the one I chose for the book trailer, with his permission.

bookmark front

bookmark backI’d also made bookmarks for the occasion and business cards to hand out. I managed to sell six books, mostly Withershins, even though I was giving a deal if they bought both of them: $15 for 1 or both for $25.



Here are shots of some of the other tables:

Craig Russell's table

author alley







Craig Russell was set up beside me with his book The Black Bottle Man. In the center was a round table for displaying everyone’s wares. In the far corner you’ll see the sign ‘Chapter By Chapter’. That’s the name of a book blog run by a mother/daughter duo. Later this week, they will be reporting on the event and giving away prizes through Rafflecopter, including my books. Once I get the link, I will pass it along so you might have the opportunity of winning a prize! 🙂

Jodi's poster

Also across the room were tables where Jodi Carmichael was selling posters representing her e-book ‘Spaghetti is not a Finger Food (and other life lessons)‘. Proceeds for the sales were going to the Asbergers Foundation. Unfortunately, the hard copy versions of her book were en route and did not get to Winnipeg before the Lit Fest. I’ll be speaking with Jodi at a later date, maybe closer to her official launch in May.

AP Fuchs

A P Fuchs' table







Here are some of A. P. Fuchs self-published works. He had some fascinating things to say about how he got published during our panel, ‘Self Pubbed vs. Indie vs. Traditional’. I hope he will share some of his knowledge at a later date.

Rhi's banner

Rhiannon Paille was set up near the door and had the most adorable banner made up to display her ‘Ferryman and the Flame‘ series. Isn’t it cute?


In addition, Chadwick Ginther was there with his book Thunder Road. We had a good time discussing ‘Fairytales, Folklore & Myths, Oh My!’ with Kelly Armstrong. It was fascinating to hear how they incorporated various myths into their stories, mostly to do with Norse Gods. I talked about how I worked in native myths and legends in my books, Spirit Quest and Withershins.

Samantha Beiko, author of The Lake in the Library, and Sierra Dean (Secret McQueen series) were there in Author Alley selling their books. I also had the opportunity of speaking with a teen author and her mother, who found a company that would produce her books along with a whole slew of promotional items, like bookmarks, business cards and posters – for a price, of course, but they also provided an editor. I have plans to interview all of the participants and will post their photos then.

Until that time, I hope this display will suffice. 🙂

Sunday Interview – reruns & C4 Lit Fest

I’m sorry if you came by expecting to read an exciting NEW interview, but I hope you will enjoy this blog post just as much. 🙂

Being a writer gives one many opportunities to share their passion with other aspiring writers. Such was the case this weekend (hence, no time to set up an interview). I was asked to participate in the first annual (we hope) C4 Lit Fest. The ‘C4’ stands for Central Canada Comic Con, of which this is a branch, that deals directly with and for writers. Before I say another word about it, I want to thank Rhiannon Paille for all the time and effort she put in to make this an awesome weekend. THANKS SO MUCH, RHI! She managed to pull together a terrific group of writers and plug them into some fascinating workshops, panels & discussions.

The Rising

Many speakers were local writers. There were a couple of book bloggers and our special guest (drumroll please!), KELLY ARMSTRONG! Some were authors I have already interviewed: Craig Russell (The Black Bottle Man), Chadwick Ginther (Thunder Road) and Gabriele Goldstone (The Kulack’s Daughter). [If you don’t remember, or are reading my blog for the first time and want to learn about these Manitoba authors, click on their names to take you to my interviews of them.]

In addition to meeting those writing friends, I got the names and contact info of several more authors that I want to interview in the future, including Rhiannon Paille, author of The Ferryman & the Flame series as well as the C4 event’s organizer. I met a teen author and a self-publisher, too. My panels went pretty well, for the most part, and I think everyone who took part had a lot of fun. I even sold a few books! 🙂

I promise to go into more details later in the week. I took lots of pictures that will take time to process before I can download them into this blog and co-ordinate them with interviews and book reviews. You see, the card reader we have in which my camera’s SD card fits isn’t compatible with my MAC. As a result, I have to Photoshop each picture I take using our older PC, reduce the image so it is a more acceptable size to import and share on-line. Then, I must save it on my thumb drive, bring it to my laptop and finally download it into my posts. Gotta love the older incompatible technologies! I guess I have to sell more books so I can afford an i-Pad or something! lol

Anyway, consider this C4 Lit Fest – PART ONE. Stay tuned for PART TWO. 🙂

So Sorry For My Cyber Silence

camera photos 009

Let me begin by sending birthday wishes to my April Fool’s kitty. He is now 13 years old. He’s beginning to show his age – a little arthritic, like me & Hubby. He’s starting to slim down and his digestion isn’t as good as it used to be, but we still love him and hope he stays with us for many more years.

With that said, I want to apologize profusely for my my absence over the past month and thank those who expressed their concern. I appreciate you guys looking out for me. 🙂

I think my muse must have wondered where our spring weather was and was so depressed by the high snowbanks, unending snowfalls and frigid temperatures in March that she decided to go on vacation! As a result, she wasn’t around to motivate me into writing at all and is it any wonder? Here’s what it looked like out our windows, front and back, on Saturday – more like January than March. Blech! 😦

March 30, 2013

The snow bank is up against a 6 foot fence!

front, March 30, 2013

View across the street.


Another reason for my lethargy might be my overloaded email box. I’ve tried to keep up with all the blog posts that enter daily, but some time back in November I missed a few days of blog reading and it has snow-balled from there. As much as I love what you all have to say, I haven’t totally succeeded in keeping up with all of you. The enormity of this task has been a little overwhelming. I will start back again slowly, but it could take awhile before I get around to reading all the great stuff you have been doing.

We still have my brother-in-law living with us, recovering from the severe burns he received back in October. His inability to used his hands has meant that I have been playing nursemaid, chauffeur and companion, which leaves me very little time to even keep up with household chores (although if I were truly honest, housework would be last on the list of things I want to do, but it still needs to be done).

In addition, on Easter Sunday, we had a gathering with the in-laws where we celebrated 23 birthdays and 3 anniversaries (those from January to end of May), not including my birthday, both of my children’s birthdays and my son-in-law’s birthday as well as my anniversary. I’ve also had several close friends and family members with birthdays in February, March and April. Everyone expects a handmade card from me so I had my work cut out for me, especially since I make each one unique and try to make them different from the ones I made for them the previous year or two. I’ve been eating, breathing and dreaming card-making. I’ve spent considerable time on Pinterest trying to find ideas for cards. All-told, I think I must have made 3 dozen cards over the past month or so. I have taken pictures of them all and since they have now been given out, I won’t hesitate to show them to you during the next few Crafty Wednesdays.

I still have to finish reading and critiquing a friend’s Regency Romance novel. I’m really sorry that I haven’t been able to do this as quickly as I hoped! On top of all that, I have two more very large novels to read for reviews coming up this month…

…which brings me to some really exciting news: representatives from Penguin Books Canada discovered that I do interviews and book reviews on my blog, so they have asked me to do an interview with Julie Czerneda and review Guy Gavriel Kay‘s latest novel! I guess the whole social media thing actually works!


Image of RIVER OF STARSI have scheduled Julie’s interview for Sunday, April 16th so please drop by then to see what she has to say about her new novel, A Turn of Light. When I finish reading Guy Gavriel Kay’s River of Stars, I’ll post a review, as well.

Also this month, I have been asked to sit on several panels of a new local literary event called the C4 Lit Fest. It’s kind of a spin-off from Comic Con but will be directing its panels and workshops to writers especially those who write fantasy for teens. This means I have to prepare something to say at each panel and make notes to rely on in case of audience questions. If any of you are here in Winnipeg April 20th & 21st, you might want to check out our guest writer line-up and panels here. You can find more information about getting tickets here. It should be a lot of fun.

In closing, I want to say, I hope you haven’t all deserted me for being so silent these past few weeks. I promise to be more diligent with my blog writing and reading from now on. Thanks for your patience. 🙂