I know many people who do not get along with their in-laws. Some feel like they have never been accepted into the family. Others feel absolute hatred towards them! I feel so sorry for those people. I have been very lucky and this past weekend just goes to prove how wonderful my in-laws are.

I have spent the past few days with one set of in-laws or another. Friday, I was at my brother’s place where his wife put on a lovely brunch to celebrate my birthday, my daughter’s birthday, my son-in-law’s birthday and her daughter-in-law’s birthday, which all happen in March & April. This was the first chance we’d had to get together for the birthdays and since it was the Easter weekend, we worked that into our celebration as well. My sister-in-law organized an egg hunt for the young adults, hiding plastic eggs around their large yard. The eggs contained the usual assortment of chocolate as well as appropriate scriptures. You’d think the ‘kids’ would be too old to partake in such a game, but they really seemed to enjoy the exercise – and we were fortunate to have excellent weather. Being a crafty girl herself, my sister-in-law made such lovely cards for all of us and knew the perfect gift to get me was a Cuttlebug die-cutter that creates a bird and birdcage (bottom right) by Tim Holtz.

Caged Bird Bigz Alterations DieMachine

She gave her daughter-in-law a new Cuttlebug (left, above) because she knows the girl likes to create cards, too. My brother’s wife is a thoughtful, caring, creative woman.

Saturday, my niece was married. Her mother, my hubby’s sister, planned the whole event in a very short time. With the help of her eldest sister, she created beautiful black and white silk panels to hang on the walls to present a beautiful background. She made the party favours, decorated the table centers, and a million other things to make her daughter’s wedding simply perfect. When my daughter was married a year and a half ago, I was a little frazzled because certain things were forgotten or not going exactly as planned. She stepped in and organized her family to help set-up, tend bar, and help with the clean-up. I don’t think I could have made it through the day without her.

Today, Sunday, we had a gathering of my hubby’s family. His brother works in a school and is allowed to give us access to the gym for our very large family, which works out perfectly. Everyone usually pitches in and provides a pot-luck for this kind of a gathering. This time, since there was so much left of the wedding food, hubby’s sister brought it all to the gathering so we didn’t have to bring nearly as much stuff as we would have, otherwise. From the first moment I met his family, they have welcomed me into their hearts. They all feel like my own brothers, sisters and parents. I am very thankful for each and every one of them.

I might add, two of them are very crafty, too, as I may have mentioned during my posts on card-making and scrap booking. They are always willing to share whatever craft tools I might want to borrow.

Well, it is getting late and it has been a busy weekend. Hope everyone was able to enjoy their families as much as I have!