Write A Story With Me – part 10 (mine)

As I mentioned in my post Write A Story With Me, Jennifer Eaton began a group story where everyone who joined up adds up to 250 words to what she originally started. For those who haven’t been following, you can catch up by visiting these sites to read the beginning of the story:

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Part  Eight – Ravena Guron

Part Nine – Vikki Thompson

So, here’s my addition to the story. I hope it helps to tie certain elements together.

Jenelle perched on a branch outside the window, listening to the joy in Marci’s voice as she greeted her father. The wee fairy felt a pang of longing, knowing that such a life was not going to be hers. With tears clouding her eyes, Jenelle took a deep breath, flicked her wings and sped across the meadow until her wings ached.

A familiar whirring caused her to whip around and hover, facing her brother, defiantly.

“Why are you following me?” she demanded.

“We were supposed to meet with the Council, remember?” Janosc said, shaking his head. “Where were you headed, anyway?”

“I don’t really know,” Jenelle replied sadly. “I just started flying.”

“They’re waiting,” her brother reminded her.

Reluctantly, Jenelle flew beside him as they aimed for the Gleaming Tree. Holding hands, they flew withershins* around it as fast as they could until the veil between the worlds thinned enough for them to pass through to the Dark Realm, a place known to its residents as Philadelphia. As they started for the fairy circle of toadstools, Jenelle suddenly stopped and pointed to two girls standing near the sacred ring. She recognized Marci’s older sister, but did not know the other girl.

“How did Bethany get here?” Jenelle whispered. “Do you think she knows how to break through The Veil?”

“If she does, we must ensure she tells the secret to no one else,” Janosc answered, a malicious gleam in his eye.

[*definition of withershins: to move contrary to the sun, counter-clockwise]

I couldn’t resist adding in the withershins ritual. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it! 🙂