I think I’ve finally gone through all the blog posts in my e-mailbox and can now settle down to write a post of my own. There has been so much diversity in the posts over the past few days, from book reviews (easyondeeyes) to writing advice (jkellerfordRamblings, My First Book) to photography (C. B. Wentworth) to travel (newsofthetimes). There has been celebrations – Sky Diaries got some good news from her critique partners, Jenny got permission to reveal some of the goodies related to her upcoming anthology release Make Believe, and there have been discussions about women-in-the-work place/mommy guilt at both When The Kids Go To Bed and Newsofthetimes.

As for what’s been happening in my life, Grandson’s first birthday bash went well. Although not everyone I invited showed up (which was probably a good thing because I would not have had room for everyone!), we still had a good crowd and lots of food. We even had some unexpected guests – Hubby’s cousin and his wife were in from B. C. to attend a wedding and had enough time to pop by for a visit.

Grandson received many generous gifts (like a remote control car, a racing set, and a JETS hat among other things) and seemed to enjoy the afternoon. Although he didn’t get his nap, he was surprisingly chipper and didn’t get cranky until almost dinner time when it was time to go home anyway. He certainly wasn’t hungry as he had been nibbling all afternoon on fruit, munchies and cake.

Our Sunday morning breakfast with another out-of-towner was fun, too. The food at Smitty’s is always good and the conversation was as comfortable as when we were back in high school. I love when friends who live far away come back for a visit and it’s like they never left. 🙂

Sunday afternoon’s wedding shower for a friend’s daughter was quite enjoyable. We have known the young lady since she was born, so she is more like a niece than a mere acquaintance. The celebration was held outside in glorious sunshine. It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to enjoy such lovely weather, wonderful companionship and fabulous food! You can now tell that I was outside as my skin is several shades redder than it’s been in over a year! I should have put on some sun screen, but I really didn’t think I’d been exposed that long.

Well, I should sign off for now and get a few things done that have been neglected over the past week.