Ah! Blessed silence!

Hubby and I just got back from a social and have decided they are definitely a young people’s activity. For those non-Manitobans who have no idea what a social is, let me explain.

A social is a pre-wedding party, of sorts, that helps to raise money for the couple to help pay for their wedding. A hall is rented and tickets are sold to friends and relatives who want to support them and have a great time. A DJ is hired to play dance music. Alcohol is served. Snack food is set out on the tables. A ‘lunch’ is provided around 11:00 p.m. which usually consists of bread, sliced meats, pickles and other condiments as well as veggies and dip Tonight there were also Philipino-style spring rolls, cabbage rolls and other delectibles.

In addition, prizes are usually donated for a silent auction. Tonight, they had some super prizes: a Gazebo, a Barbecue, golf clubs & accessories, tools, a winemaking kit, and many other things. Hubby and I won the ‘coffee package’ but had to send it home with the mother of the groom because we walked the couple of blocks to the hall and could not carry the heavy basket of goodies home.

Once patrons arrive at the social, they purchase tickets for drinks, tickets for the silent auction, tickets for a half-and-half draw. All money earned from the sale of these tickets will go to the wedding couple once expenses have been met. Sometimes, the couple’s family members cover the cost of the hall, alcohol and/or DJ, so whatever money comes from the ticket sales goes directly to the wedding duo.

The couple should make a couple of thousand dollars because they had a great crowd and sold a lot of tickets. The only problem for hubby and I is we’re getting far too old for the degree of decibels to which the DJ usually cranks his music. Hence the title of this post. It was such a relief to get out of the hall and experience silence!

Hope you all had a great Saturday!