Thorry I have a lithp, today. I jutht got back from the dentitht and have no feeling down half my fathe, including my tongue! lol

My dentist is a lovely lady, friendly, sympathetic, but what she has to do to her patients in the name of dentistry is downright criminal! I suppose its partly my fault for not getting the crown on my back molar, sooner. I waited too long and the cracked tooth finally broke apart, forcing me to sit in that torture chair for almost 2 hours – and the dentist hoped the work she did would prolong the need for a root canal. If what I sat through was just a temporary measure, I hate to think what the actual root canal surgery will entail. I think I might ask to be anesthetized!

Dentistry has come a long way from the ‘olden days’, when they would just yank out a rotten tooth with only whiskey as anesthesia. Nowadays, there are drills, tiny sanding wheels, tubes that blow air, suck air and squirt water. They have quick-set gel that doesn’t drip down the back of your throat when making moulds of your teeth instead of the horribly goopy plaster stuff they used to use. They even use lasers, now. The dentist told me that some of the decay was below the gum-line, so she needed to use a laser to cut away part of the gum so she could get at it. I am NOT looking forward to when the freezing comes out!

And that’s another thing – the analgesic gel she used on the gums before sticking in the needle to freeze everything DOESN’T WORK! I thought she was jamming that darn needle all the way through my jawbone!

Well, enough complaining. Sorry for the rant. So, how was YOUR day?