Me at the Symposium

I found a couple of pictures of my co-panelist, Julie Burtinshaw, and me on the Manitoba Writer’s Guild’s FB page & thought I’d share it with you.

This was our panel on YA Fiction at the Symposium of Manitoba Writing that I spoke about a couple of weeks ago. The photo array of ladies above us showcases a few of our most prestigious Manitoba writerrs, including Nellie McClung and Margaret Laurence.

I love the wood details that were found throughout the Canadian Mennonite University. I took a few pictures of the architecture, myself:



I love the old part of the campus, which used to be the School for the Deaf which was built in 1921. To me, it looks like an old castle.



The inside has the feel of church.



The wood wainscoting is so elegant.



And there are surprising little features like these cherubic gargoyle-like stone carvings.



They are tucked into the sides of the doorway into the older part of the structure.



Nestled into several alcoves are these comfy little sitting areas with chairs that are perfect for curling up in with a good book. The natural light coming in the windows is wonderful!


Do you have interesting old buildings like this where you live?


10 comments on “Me at the Symposium

  1. I think that those little carved guys are called grotesques, to be a gargoyle the carving has to be a water spout, if they are simply decoration they are grotesques. Beautiful pictures. We are lucky to spend a lot of our time in France and there are of course amazing buildings there especially the religious ones. Having said that we grew up in Liverpool UK and the buildings there, especially around the Pier head are incredible and often missed by visitors.

    Great to see views of you and your fellow panellist at the symposium ,

    • I envy those who get to live overseas as the historical buildings are so interesting and your history goes back many more centuries than the ‘New World’. It is my dream to visit there one of these days. Thanks for the info on grotesques v. gargoyles. 🙂

  2. There aren’t many old buildings around where I live (in the southern suburbs of Sydney, Australia).

    The Canadian Mennonite University buildings and grounds look gorgeous. And I love those gargoyles.

  3. What a beautiful place! 🙂

    I live in a place where cities and elaborate architecture are relatively new (the history teacher in me says this because we’re talking about 200 years). The city I live in very new compared to others, so most buildings are modern and don’t have a lot of historical character. Perhaps, that’s why I love Europe so much. You can’t walk down the street without history smacking you in the face and beautifully at that!

    • I do envy you, that you have seen al the historical stuff overseas. Architecturally speaking, we’re probably younger than you, but a lot of our turn-of-the-century buildings were designed by a Chicago architect so we have some of that older character. Actually, a lot of period films have been shot in our downtown area because of it. 🙂

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